Death may just be the beginning of your life!

 Death is irrevocable. You can’t take it back like a bad word you’ve said to someone you love. You can’t negotiate with it and make amends if  you were wrong. There’s no way to apologize to death – it doesn’t listen; it has no ears. Death is inevitable and you know it. Yet you  live as if you  expect it never to come. Only then she does. And you’re shocked, horrified and grieving, and rightly so. It’s painful, full of sorrow, and question and exclamation marks; full of sobs and tears but also peace sometimes.

So live differently. Today. Make it one day, and then two, and then three and then stop counting. Smile at people. Let them know you’re there for them and don’t be an egoist. Be empathetic and listen to people and they will tell you their hearts cause that’s what they truly have as their own. And don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously. Be humble and open and true from deep within your heart and soul. And, who knows, maybe one day someone  will thank you for who you are and not for what you’ve done, achieved and accomplished. And yet, maybe not, cause they might just as well be already dead. 

So don’t waste your time or  your chances. Tell the ones you love that you love them every single day of your ‚now and then life’. Or sing it to them. Be thankful, supportive and appreciative and let this music sound in your life. I assure you your life will inevitably get better. 

Way better. 



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